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Sep. 5, 2006
The Construction and Planning Agency and Kaohsiung City government organized trial 2006 Pratas Island Ecology Camp attracted college students from all over Taiwan who have a passionate interest in the conservation of ocean resources to Pratas Island to experience the island's marine and tropical island ecology and take marine environmental education classes.
Dec. 2, 2006
The Construction and Planning Agency commissioned the Taiwan Environmental Information Association to hold marine conservation promotional activities on Penghu and in Pingdong.
May 5, 2007
Though spring outdoor concerts, such as the Call of Spring, have become very popular in Kenting in recent years, the noise and traffic impact this brings to the environment have given people a negative impression on Kenting National Park.
Oct. 4, 2007  
(from right to left) MOI Senor Technical Specialist Chen Hsiu-tsu, Kaohsiung city mayor Chen Ju, minister of the Interior Li Yi-shiang and Lin Hsin-rung, Director of the Construction and Planning Agency, MOI being shown around the special exhibition by a guide.