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Time:2016-10-05 ~ 2016-12-31

Organizer: Yushan National Park Headquarter

Place: Shuili Visitor Center

Yushan National Pa...

Time:2016-09-24 ~ 2016-11-27

Organizer: Yushan National Park Headquarter

Place: Dongpu 1st Village, Xinyi Township, Nant...

5/1~31 Wild Taiwan exhibition
Target: General public
Time: 09:00-16:30
Venue: Shuili Visitor Center
Telephone line: 049-...
Every May to Aug.   
The High Mountains Flower Festival is held May to August every year, attracting many thousands of visitors all over the park to admire the glorious flowers.
Every Jul. to Aug.
Taking aborigine children living around the park to various environmental education bodies is intended to use the park’s multi-dimensional and diverse natural scenery and cultural assets to promote ecological resources and conservation achievements, to promote the joint preservation and cherishing of the beautiful environment around them.
Every Apr. to Dec.
This activity was intended to encourage the public to go into nature, climb Mt Jade, experience Mt Jade, cherish Mt Jade and establish correct climbing concepts, teaching the public climbing safety and related knowledge.