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Riding Along Yenshui River and Shanhaichun

Location: Kehua Community Activity Center

Issued by: Interpretation and Education Section

The first event of 2016 “Taijiang Black-faced Spoonbill Season” of Taijiang National Park, “Riding along Yenshui River and Shanhaichun”, will be held on October 22nd, a cycling event that has been favored by citizens. During the autumn season in which migratory birds are going southward, participants can cycle with the cool breeze southwards. Starting from Guanhai Bridge, participants will ride along Yenshui River southwards, entering Shanhaichun Greenway by the estuary, and riding eastwards along Chianan Irrigation. It will be a 10-kilometer ride and participants get the chance to learn about the rich estuary resources and the ecological features of migratory birds along the way. This is a great opportunity for citizens to ride their bicycles and learn about this bird paradise close to Tainan City in a LOHAS fashion.

40 places are available for registration and online registration started from 10:00 of October 13th, 2016. Availability is limited. Participants must prepare their own bicycles. Participants will be insured with casualty insurance and no extra charges are required. If you have any other questions, please contact Mr. Hung at the Interpretation and Education Section (06-2842600 EXT 1510).

Unit : Kenting
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