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Window of the Land: Tour on the Landscape of the Peninsula

Kenting National Park, one with beautiful mountain and ocean sceneries, will hold “Window of the Land: Tour on the Landscape of the Peninsula” on the afternoon of October 29th, 2016 in guiding tourists to appreciate the versatile and extraordinary landscapes of Kenting.

Kenting, located in the southern part of Taiwan, although it has only a land mass of 18083.50 ha., it has highly divergent geological features and versatile landscapes including the 5 major landscapes of fluvial landform, coastal landform, Karst topography, Aeolian landform and exotic blocks. Fluvial landform causesMokou river landscapes, coastal landform creates abrasion and cliff landslide landscapes, Karst topography creates cave features such as stalactites and others, Aeolian landform creates landscapes such as dune, sand creek, sand fall and others, while exotic blocks include Dajian Mountain, Xiaojian Mountain and Cingwashih.

Targets: Common visitors numbering 35 people. If fewer than 15 visitors applied for this event, then the event will be cancelled.

Application Fee: NT$150 per person (including transportation and guidance)

Way to Apply: Online application( /
Unit : Kenting
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