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2016 Glamorous Kinmen Event
Time: Nov 17 -Dec 03, 2016
Organizer: Kinmen National Park Headquarters
Place: Kinmen National Park Headquarters

To allow visitors to experience the features of Kinmen, Kinmen National Park Headquarters released “2016 Glamorous Kinmen Event” on 17th to 19th of November, 24th to 26th of November, and 1st to 3rd of December.

Settlements including Shanhou Folk Culture Village, Houpu Cultural Town, Shuitou, Chiunglin and others are arranged so that participants can experience the aesthetics of traditional Kinmen settlements. Taiwu Mountain, Qinttiangting Hall, Aug. 23 Artillery Battle Museum, Kinmen Guest House are arranged to that visitors can visit the remaining of the battlefields and experience wartime atmosphere. Participants will also visit Jongshanlin, Cih Lake, Lingshui Lake and others to experience the natural sceneries of Kinmen. Besides guiding participants to understand the beauty of Kinmen in-depth, it also arranges participants to live at old-house hostels within the national park so that they can experience the atmosphere of southern Fujian buildings and the tranquility of Kinmen villages. Participants also get to taste local gourmets and traditional banquets and are given souvenirs.

With enjoying the natural ecology of Kinmen as its main concept, in coordination with other exquisite tours, Kinmen National Park Headquarters ( to enhance the overall tourism development of Kinmen with versatile tours that combine different tourist attractions.

Unit : Kenting
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