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September 2016
1.Tempered by the time
2.Change and Disaster in a Flash
3.Should I be responsible, too?
4.The Ever-changing Longshore Drift of the Ocean
June 2016
1.Positive Impacts on Ocean
2.Looking over the Marine
3.Worries across the Seas
4.Maritime History of Taiwan
March 2016
1.Biodiversity Brings the Abundance of Humen's Granary
2.Sharing Nature’s Bounties
3.A Flight without Boundaries
4.Maintaining Ocean Prosperity
1.The Love for Migratory Birds, Affections of the Local
2.Schematic Chronicle of Fongshan
3.Weaving Winter Through Seas And Shores
4.The Years That I Sought Fairy Shrimps
5.The Experience of Five Senses, Learning by Doing
6.Let’s Go to the Southern Penghu Four Islands
1.Autumn water in grass mountain
2.Local wisdom
3.Glory of kenting
4.Plentiful achievements of kinmen
5."Tao" of wildland
6.Exploring shoushan
1.Culture in wuling
2.Passing down the wisdom of mountains
3.Night dancing elves
4.Words from the grass mountain
5.Everything is beautiful
6.Mysterious dancing shadows