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National Park Regulations
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Publish Date:2009-07-27


law_yangmiThe followings are temporary regulations for requesting The Simple Sign Installation in Yangmingshan National Park


1 The Simple Sign Installation Regulations, which was regulated by Yangmingshan National Park Management Office, were mainly considered to protect both local views and ecological environment. The temporary regulations set the management principle for The Simple Sign Installation. The temporary regulations are legitimate as the released date of the regulation.
2 All government units and private organization, institutions, school or companies are in compliance with this regulation; All sign posted in the Park should apply for The Simple Sign Installation permit.
3 All signs, flags and accepted election flags and billboards, traffic signs or government propaganda signs which are not produced by the management office should apply for the permit. All signs should be installed after the receiving permit.
4 The signs should not distract the public and traffic safety, landscape in the Park and emergency escape of fire. Also, signs should follow the original legislation in region, location and content.
5 All buildings in the Park should apply a name sign, no more then One meter square, of the building. The sign should either located on the entrance parapet or near the entrance door on the ground level. The sign should not have lighting system.
6 Farmers should harvest flowers, vegetable and fruits with valid permit from specified farmers' association. All harvesting farmland and orchard should apply a temporary movable sign from the management office. Signs should be posted in front of the farmland, and removed at the end of harvest. Signs should standardized by the management office.
7 The installer or applicant should be responsible for safety and tidy environment. The office should ask for correction with a period of time; the office should remove the sign(s) when the given time is ended.
8 In the temporary sign regulation, all signs are valid for Two years. Applicant should remove the sign or re-new the permit Three months before the permit is invalid. All signs should not change in forms, materials or relocated without permission from the management office.
9 The Simple Sign should apply at Yangmingshan Management Office. Applicant should have all required documents and forms.
10 In representing the characteristics of the Park, the simple sign could be apply with six to eight applicants. Applicant must be located in the main intersections or congregation places either in side or nearby the park. The signs could be designed or guided by the management office.
11 All signs, flags or billboard with no permission, according to the National Park Legislation No.14, should be fined and removed when the temporary regulation is legitimated.
12 The management office could change, add or remove regulations after this temporary regulation is legitimated.

Last Updated on 2009-07-27
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