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Visitor Safety
Publish Date:2009-08-12
Notices to visitors

Formosan sika deer
  1. No selling or displaying animals, plants, and their specimens that are regulated by Naitonal Park Law or other relevant laws.
  2. No quarrying, selling and displaying stalagmites, stalactites, fossils, shell sands, coral reefs, or other unique rocks and their specimens and processed products.
  3. No vendor stalls or selling in prohibited areas within the National Park’s recreation areas.
  4. No pasturing except in the limited use areas or except in the areas 20 meters away from main roads.
  5. No transportation containers, trailers, vendor stands or other similar constructions that destroy the landscapes in the national park heavily.
  6. No beach motoring, sand skiing or riding, riding on all-terrain vehicle, driving all-terrain utility vehicles like Land Rovers.
  7. No climbing on Mt. Dajian, Cingwashih, and Chuanfan Rock in the park.
  8. No setting off fireworks in the national park (except for the local endemic customs and religious rituals during Chinese New Year’s Eve, and the first day to the fifth day of the lunar new year, Lantern Festival, Tomb Sweeping Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Summer Ghost Festival, and Moon Festival).
  9. No barbecuing and no trespassing the guard rails in the Chuhuo Natural Fire Special Scenic Area in the national park.
  10. No casting any ray of light, flying sky lanterns in the national park. No camping, barbecuing, making up campfire outside of the campgrounds in the recreation areas.

(Post from Restrictions within the Premises of Kenting National Park)

Last Updated on 2009-08-12
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