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Travel Guide
Publish Date:2009-08-12

{mospagebreak title=Tataka}【Tataka High Mountain Ecotourism】

Climbing Yushan Main Peak
Day 1 Starting Point→Alishan Forest Recreation Area、Dongpu Hot Spring(lodging)
Day 2

Alishan Forest Recreation Area、Dongpu Hot Spring → Tataka pass entry(1.7K)→ Menglu Pavillion(1K)→ pass entry of Yushan Front Peak(2.3K)→Forest of White Wood(1.7K)→ Great Cliff(1.8K) → Paiyun Lodge(lodging)

Day 3 Paiyun Lodge(2.4K)→ Yushan Main Peak(10.9K)→Tataka pass entry→ Return
Yushan Main Peak to Batongguan Hiking Tour
Day 1 Starting Point →Alishan Forest Recreation Area(lodging)
Day 2 Tataka pass entry(8.5 K)→Paiyun Lodge(lodging)
Day 3 Paiyun Lodge(2.4 K)→ Yushan Main Peak(1.8 K)→ Laonong Campsite(4.2 K)→Batongguan  Ancient Trail(2.8 K)→ Guangao Mountain-Climbing Service Station(lodging)
Day 4 Guangao Mountain-Climbing Service Station(14 K)→ Dongpu pass entry → Return
Tataka Recreation Area --- Nature Trail Routes
Route 1 Visitor Center (0.1K)→ Dongpu Prairie(1.7K)→ Tataka Police Station (0.4K)→New Central Cross Island 95K Parking Area(on foot around 12 hours)
Route 2 Visitor Center (1.6K)→Giant Hemlock (0.8K)→ Linjhih Gap (0.8K)→ Linjhih Mountain (0.8K)→ Linjhih Gap(0.8K)→ Giant Hemlock (1.4K)→Shangdongpu(on foot around 2.5 hours)
Route 3 Visitor Center (1.6K)→ Giant Hemlock (0.8K)→ Linjhih Gap (1.2K)→ Lulin Mountain (0.7K)→ Lulin Lodge  (1.1K)→ Lulin Gap →Shangdongpu(on foot around 3 hours, reverse around 4 hours)
Route 4 Visitor Center (1.6K)→ Giant Hemlock (0.8K)→ trail entrance of Linchushan(2.1K)→Tataka Anbu(1.4K)→ Giant Hemlock (1.4K)→Shangdongpu(on foot around 7 hours)

Last Updated on 2009-08-12
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