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Welcoming the break of day, welcoming new hopes
Publish Date:2011-01-12

As the ROC entered its 100th year, the first sun rays of the new day, seeming to wish the ROC a happy centenary year, were seen from Orchid Island at 6.33am on the morning of January 1, 2011 ahead of everywhere else in Taiwan,. 100 people participants in the new year and break of day welcoming activities organized by National Marine Park and Orchid Island Township Office, selected from online entrants, waited from the last day of 2010 to greet the first light of the new year.

One of the most memorable feature of these activities was that the participants bought 17 disposable cameras and handed them out to local children on day one of the activities, asking the children to faithfully record every aspect their own lives over the next three days. After processing, the photographs were mailed to the children, who were eager to see the fruits of their photographic efforts. This interaction enriched the lives of local people and facilitated cultural exchange between participants and Orchid Island locals. Participants were also encouraged to write about their visit to Orchid Island, their thoughts and experiences, online so that the “good values” produced this ROC centenary year break of day greeting activity can spread gradually all over Taiwan.

Translatedby:Kevin Lax
Source:National Park Headquarters

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