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Rare starfish seen in Kenting National Park for the first time
Publish Date:2011-05-11

While staff of Kenting National Park were carrying out a nighttime seabed survey at the end of March an unusual dark red-brown starfish was discovered at a depth of nine meters. It was identified by Dr. Zhao Shi-min of the National Museum of Natural Science as a rare visitor to Taiwan’s waters, Astropecten polyacanthus.

The national park HQ said: starfish are common seashore creatures and can actually be seen from the tidal zone to depths of 5000 meters. Astropectinida family star fish live in places with sandy loam bottoms where the water is less than 30 meters deep. This species of starfish has been previously recorded in Taiwan at Nanfangao and in the Mazu archipelago but is quite rare, this being the first time this species has been recorded in Kenting.

Translatedby:Kevin Lax
Source:Kenting National Park Headquarters

Last Updated on 2011-05-12
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