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Shei-pa National Park Headquarters remind all mountaineers to beware of safety as the snow seasons looms
Publish Date:2011-12-19
The Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters wishes to remind all trailhikers and mountaineers to watch out for their own safety during the comingwinter seasons, as most climbing routes in the park may be experiencing 0℃ temperatures at night and may befrozen, making it difficult to traverse the terrain. The Headquarters hastallied the mountain rescue events for the last 3 years, and found that the 3major types are altitude sickness, accidental falls into valleys/ravines, andmissing persons. During winter times the pathways are more likely to freeze,increasing the risk of slippage and serious injury or bone fractures. Lowtemperatures are also more likely to cause hypothermia. Mountaineers areadvised to prepare themselves physically and plan their climbing routesthoroughly before they apply for entry permits, especially on long ridgelinewalkthroughs where proper equipment, route information, food preparation andphysical training for each climber should be carried out thoroughly. Climbersshould select their mountain guides carefully and avoid climbing alone.Mountaineering in the snowy seasons requires proper equipment in order toovercome the obstacles of extremely low temperatures. All climbers are advisedto be well prepared, as this is a matter of life and death and should not betaken lightly.
Last Updated on 2011-12-19
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