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Construction on the improvements to the desalination plant at Dongsha Island is expected to complete by the year-end
Publish Date:2011-12-19
Due to its geographical location and environment limitations, suchas the lack of fresh water, public infrastructures on Dongsha Islandare difficult to construct and maintain. To improve living conditions on theisland, the MNPH conducted a project to upgrade the efficiency of the currentdesalination plant on Dongsha Island, improving upon the aging desalinationequipment and low desalination efficiency, as well as fulfilling therequirement for the marine and terrestrial conservation efforts of the Dongsha Atoll National Park.The construction is expected to be completed by the end of December. Once it iscompleted, the water quality and volume on the island are expected to beimproved, leading to less consumption of bottled water and less dependence on watertransport via supply ships. This work will benefit management of the Dongsha Island in the long run, achievingreductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions, resulting in sustainabledevelopment of the island, and increasing awareness of environmentalconservation in the national park.
Last Updated on 2011-12-19
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