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Calligraphy Exhibition at the Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park
Publish Date:2011-12-21
The Kaohsiung Metropolitan Parkperiodically holds art and cultural exhibitions at the seminar classrooms andexhibition halls to raise cultural sensitivity and literacy in the generalpublic. Starting from December 10th (Saturday), 2011, the Park willexhibit the calligraphy works of Professor Tso-Ching Tsao, who developed aninterest in painting during his childhood and was taught the art of Chinese calligraphyby his brother. Since 1973, Mr. Tsao has been teaching at the Department ofPolitical Science of the ROC Military Academy.After he retired in August of 2006, Mr. Tsao began concentrating on creatingand learning the arts of painting and writing. Over 70 of his personal workswill be showcased at the seminar classroom at the Park, including such famouspieces as “Moon in Autumn Night,” “Howling Tiger,” “Majestic,” and “A Call thatMoved Mountains and Rivers,” bringing visitors deep into the unique calligraphyworld of Professor Tsao. The exhibition will run until June 24th,2012, and admission is free. The Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park welcomes everyone to come and see these fascinating works of art.
Last Updated on 2012-11-02
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