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Let the National Park Guides take you into the beautiful scenery of Taiwan's National Park
Publish Date:2011-12-21
How much do you know about the beautiful scenery of Taiwan's National Parks? To furtherincreasing the public understanding of Taiwan,the CPAMI has gathered talented guides from around Taiwan to shoot a series of 「MobileGuide」 short videos in 40 scenic locations, available as an option for peopleinterested in exploring the beauty of the national parks. This series of shortguide videos are available for browsing on the National Park Digital Archivewebsite and on the mobile video platform Youtube. Each video is about 3-5minutes long and can be downloaded into mobile devices such as smart phones andtablet computers for viewing on-the-go. Whether it's a trip to the volcanicterrain of Northern Taiwan's Yangmingshan, to the highest peak in NortheasternAsia, Yushan, or to the lagoon and delta landscape of Southern Taiwan's TaijianNational Park, with the guide videos in hand, visitors will have theconvenience of having the services of professional National Park guides attheir side for the most in-depth National Park tour experience.
Last Updated on 2012-05-17
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