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Shei-Pa National Park Colleague Photography Exhibition
Publish Date:2012-04-06
From the beginning of April 5, 2012, the Shei-Pa National ParkHeadquarters will be hosting a “Discover Shei-Pa—Photography Exhibition bySheipa’s Colleagues” at the exhibition room on the second floor of the Wenshui Visitor Center.Over 30 pieces will be on display from six of the park’s employees, including Jing-ChiHsu, Guo-Ming Fu, Ming-Tang Xiao, Jia-Hong Chen, Yan-Ling Zhang and Rong-GuangWang. The park’s headquarters stated that while these employees are not famedphotographers, what will be on display is the labor of years of learning anddeep-mountain expeditions. Moreover, their works present a professionalstandard and a different beauty of the Shei-Pa grounds that is rarely seen bytourists, therefore worthy of a visit. This photography exhibition will rununtil May 31, 2012. An exhibition guide will be on site to provide narratingservices. We welcome everyone to come pay a visit!
Last Updated on 2012-04-06
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