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“Guanwu Salamander Ecology Center” to be Opened Soon
Publish Date:2012-04-20
The Guanwu Recreation Centerwas sealed in December 2010 by the Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters toundergo renovations for the new “Guanwu Salamander Ecology Center.” After a littlemore than a year later, the center is scheduled to be opened to the public onApril 21st later this month. The peripheral area around the center hasalso been designed to include a habitat restoration area filled with herbalplant and fallen logs. Moreover, culverts are dug to place stones and naturalwater is drawn in to create a moist, clean and low-temperature environment forthis endangered species. In the future, visitors can make a reservation withthe park’s guide to get up close and personal to the salamanders’ naturalhabitat. The successful restoration of this habitat has passed the standards ofthe Society for Ecological Restoration International and noted as anexceptional habit restoration case. The architectural design of the “Guanwu Salamander Ecology Center”is based on the egg pod shape of the salamander. The original prototype of lifeis further interpreted through the design to unravel the life history of this endangeredspecies. Moreover, the combination with the tour guide’s narrating pathway andindoor and outdoor space form an extensive and complete education area.
Last Updated on 2012-04-20
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