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Shei-Pa National Park Removes Foreign Fish Species from Wenshui Visitor Center Ecological Pond
Publish Date:2012-04-27
The headquarters at Shei-Pa National Park have been stationed at theWenshui Visitor Center for the past 11 years. The number of fish species in thecenter’s ecological pond has gradually grown, and aside from the native fishspecies such as Rhinogobius candidianus, Candida barbaus and Acrossocheilusparadoxus Gunther, there are also signs of foreign fish species that haveinvaded the pond for breeding purposes. According to a survey conducted in2010, there are approximately 1,500 tilapia of foreign species found in thepond’s waters, making up 70% of the fish species. The continuous growth intheir population might possibly impact the survival of the native species.Beginning this year, the park has proceeded in the removal of these foreignspecies from the pond, using mainly an eight-tenths wide cast net to capturethe fish. This removal is expected to be executed once on a seasonal basis asthe ecological changes that take place after the removal of these fishes isrecorded. The park hopes that these efforts will reduce the impact caused onthe aquatic environment and allow for the gradual growth of the native fishspecies. Moreover, the park also urges the public to prevent the release andabandonment of organisms in order to protect the ecological environment.
Last Updated on 2012-04-27
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