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Shei-Pa National Park Wenshui Area's Wild Lily Movement
Publish Date:2012-05-15

Currently, wild lilies are flourishing in the Shei-Pa National Park headquarters,making it the perfect time to admire Taiwan lilies. Being a protogenic speciesin Taiwan, it is highly adaptable and widely distributed. The Shei-Pa NationalPark Wenshui area is where the earliest colonies bloom, occurring roughly fromApril every year. Those in the Guanwu recreation area and the community near369 Villa, situated at an altitude of 3,200m, only bloom in the beginning ofJuly.

The movement of the Taiwan Lily's escape from bloom to fruition isalso called the wild lily movement. During the initial stages of flower budformation, it faces the 12 o'clock direction towards the sky; as the buddevelops and swells, it will slump downwards to the 6 o'clock position. Beforeblooming, in order to receive pollination by insects, it will gradually tiltupwards to the 3 o'clock position and bloom. After fruition, the fruit onceagain returns to the 12 o'clock position, and the dried capsule will eventuallyburst to propagate the seeds.

In order to document Taiwan lily's blooming movement more comprehensively, the Shei-PaNational Park headquarters has installed an automatic camera that capturesimages at regular intervals, while long-term monitoring is conducted using thermographsand photometers. In the future, the film will be uploaded to the website forpublic appreciation.

Shei-Pa National ParkWenshui Area's Wild Lily Movement
Shei-Pa National ParkWenshui Area's Wild Lily Movement
Last Updated on 2012-05-15
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