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At similar latitudes and with similarly mountainous landscapes and diverse species and habitats, Taiwan and Bhutan can benefit from sharing their experiences about ecological conservation and management.
Shei-Pa and Bhutan Travel Together in Happiness—2013 International Forum on Taiwan-Bhutan National Park Exchange and Cooperation
Autumn in Yangmingshan means northeasterly winds and large tracts of blossoming cogon grass flowers. The mountains appear to be covered in a white blanket of snow, creating an unforgettable sight.
2013 Yangmingshan Cycling Festival
Volunteering at a national park is attractive to many people. Compared to other volunteer jobs, being a national park volunteer suggests a person is enthusiastic,
The 2013 General Assembly of the National Park and the Metropolitan Park Volunteers League
Taiwan's three alpine national parks cover more than two-thirds of the island's peaks. The national parks have always worked hard to provide mountaineering services to visitors. 
The History of Taiwanese Mountaineering is the Story of People
The Paiyun Lodge, located 3,402 meters above sea level, is a necessary relay station on the way to the top of Yushan. After more than two years of renovation work, the opening ceremony for Paiyun Lodge will be on July 5 of this year.
Yushan's New Look: Paiyun Lodge is Now Open
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