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The Paiyun Lodge, located 3,402 meters above sea level, is a necessary relay station on the way to the top of Yushan. After more than two years of renovation work, the opening ceremony for Paiyun Lodge will be on July 5 of this year.
Yushan's New Look: Paiyun Lodge is Now Open
The first camp is from July 17 to July 19 and is in the Wuling area. Events include guided commentaries, directed events, Yansheng Waterfall hands-on activities, tree climbing, nature observation, etc.

Make a Wish at the National Park! The 2013 Shei-Pa National Park Youth Camp is Here!
Since the first national park, Kenting National Park, was established in 1984, several unique sites have been successively designated for development of national parks, including Yushan, Yangmingshan, Taroko, Shei-Pa, Kinmen, Donsha Atoll, and Taijiang area, and they are now full-ledged national parks.
	“Taiwan National Parks Walk for Health” 2013 National Park Week Events
Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park launched the "Snake Year Walk for the Environment and Health" event today (April 13th 2013) as part of the celebration for the 17th anniversary of Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park. The organizer utilized the immense space of the park to plan a "snake trail" echoing the theme of the Snake Year.
Celebration for the 17th Anniversary of Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park launched a series of events.
Flowers blossoming, creatures of Mother Earth awakening from the bitter winter, Yangmingshan comes alive in cheerful spring. The 2013Yangmingshan Flower Fest ran from February 12th to March 17th. A series of activities received positive feedback.
Festival of Spring: 102 Yangmingshan Flower Fest
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