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From July 22 to August 21, 2012, the month-long "2012 NPS Fundamentals and Grand Canyon National Park Environmental Education Study Tour" was held at Grand Canyon National Park. According to participant Huang Zi-juan, chief of the Kinmen National Park Headquarters Interpretation and Education Section, "This is the most direct and awe-inspiring education training!"
U.S. National Park Service Training Report, 2012
The Volunteer Alliance was established in 2001 under the guidance of Mr. Yi-Hou Lin, former Director-General of the CPAMI. With assistance from various park headquarters, the Alliance organizes annual volunteer assemblies to share their service experiences and natural sceneries from various parks. To date, Taiwan has established 8 National Parks, 2 Metropolitan Parks and 1 National Natural Park, and has recruited over 2200 volunteers. From September 21 to 23, 2012, the Taroko National Park Headquarters will hold the 2012 Assembly of the National Metropolitan Park Volunteer Alliance, where over 200 volunteers will gather together to share their experiences on park services and natural resources, as well as get to know better the beautiful sceneries of the Taroko Gorge.
Impression Taroko – 2012 Assembly of the National Metropolitan Park Volunteer Alliance
Environmental awareness has been gaining attention in recent years, along with growing emphasis on environment education by society. Sustainable development is only attainable when people's values and attitude align with correct environmental knowledge. The government has been promoting environmental education for years, especially after the implementation of "Environmental Education Act" on June 5th, 2011, and through various courses, activities and films, the concepts of sound conservation of natural resources and environmental management have been effectively conveyed to the public.
Environment Education - Bringing Nature into Everyday Life
“The Quest” is a documentarywhose main purpose is to allow the general public to gain an insight into theoverseas development process of the overseas Chinese in Kinmen and the storiesbehind the beautiful western-style buildings. Section Chief Huang Zi-juan ofthe Interpretation Section, Kinmen National Park Headquarters explained thereason for shooting this documentary. In addition to the exhibitions at scenicspots such as the Overseas Chinese Culture Exhibition Hall and JinshuiElementary School, through publicity via the film, the National Park, inaddition to the introduction of the development process of the Kinmen residentsworking overseas through an exhibition, has enabled the general public tobetter understand the painstaking process behind the buildings whileappreciating the western-style buildings.
“The Quest” documentary-A Reproduction of the Culture and History of the Overseas Chinese in Kinmen
Internationally recognized as the "Butterfly Kingdom," approximately 400 species of butterflies have been discovered in Taiwan, with 180 sighted within the grounds of Yangmingshan National Park. Every May to July when the weather gradually turns warmer, the emergence of various types of butterflies can be seen in succession. This is also when butterfly food, a network of nectar plants, enters the flowering season. At this time, the Yangmingshan trail is filled with a diversity of butterflies with the Chestnut Tiger (Parantica sita) making up the majority!
Mountain of Dancing Butterflies: Yangmingshan Butterfly Season
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