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Kinmen National Park Headquarters has spared no effort in ecologicalconservation and made significant accomplishments in recent years. Besidesdiscovering the new species “Cassiduladoliolum,”it also discovered a number of protected species that have vanished from Taiwanbut remained in Kinmen, including Anabantidae,Chinemysreevesii, Mugilogobiuschulae, and otters.

It has been 18 yearssince the first phase of Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park was open in 1996. We havemanaged and maintained it over the years to make it a park of trees and shade.
“Kenting Waterfowl Season” will run at Kenting National Park Headquarters from December 21, 2013, to January 26, 2014. 
Waterfowl Season in Kenting: Birdwatching at Longluan Lake
Since the establishment of the Dongsha Marine National Park by the Ministry of Interior Affairs in January, 2007, and the announcement of its Marine National Park Administration in October of the same year...
The 5th Marine Conservation School Promotion Tour Rouses Awareness for Environmental Protection
At similar latitudes and with similarly mountainous landscapes and diverse species and habitats, Taiwan and Bhutan can benefit from sharing their experiences about ecological conservation and management.
Shei-Pa and Bhutan Travel Together in Happiness—2013 International Forum on Taiwan-Bhutan National Park Exchange and Cooperation
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