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Featured Project:
The Community of Life
The mutual interdependence of the land, animals, and humans
Featured Project:
An important promoter of conservation
Central Mountain Range Conservation Co...
Romance in Winter
Cover Story
The Hope Is Not Far from Us

Featured Project: Romance in Winter
Winter Winds Sweeping Down the Mountains
Cold Current Comes, Chasing Snow in Mt. Hehuan
Wind-sheared and Snow-pressed...
National Park Quarterly 2012.09
Cover Story
Messages from Autumn

A Lifetime Good Partner —
An Interview with Minister of the Interior Lee Hong-yuan

Featured Project: Autumn Landscape
Fruit Treasure Boxes and Autumn ...
Summer Heat Summer Feast
When talking about global warming, what are the crises the plants and animals that live in national parks facing? While in the forest, cicadas are hosting their own summer music festival, singing song...
March 2012
When the first light of spring shines on the slowly disappearing winter atmosphere, the melting snow, sweet as the morning dew reflects the morning sunlight and melts slowly away into the spring soil....
December 2010
A sweet and comfortable home is not just what every human being wants and pursues, but perhaps also what all wild animals wish for and dream of. To protect and preserve a healthy natural environment i...
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