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Yangmingshan National Park Welcomes Visitors to See its 30th Anniversary Results Exhibition at the Visitors Center

Yangmingshan was planned into “Datun National Park” during the Japanese Colonial Period, but the plan was not carried out due to World War II. After the National Park Law was enacted in 1972, Kenting National Park and Yushan National Park were established in 1982 and 1984, respectively. Yangmingshan National Park was not formally established until September 1st, 1985. Even though Yangmingshan National Park only covers some 11 thousand hectares, it has a unique volcano landscape and shoulders the responsibility of ecological conservation, water conservation, air purification, and soil conservation. It is multi-functional national park with extremely high utilization rate. To let more people understand the work and results of Yangmingshan National Park over the past 30 years, the park’s headquarters organized the “30th Anniversary of Yangmingshan National Park – Review and Outlook”, contents include posters of results on the left side of the visitor center’s hallway displayed until December 31st; videos are also played on the visitor center’s multimedia player every day, hoping that visitors will learn the meaning and core values of national parks through the exhibition, and also support us with action so that Yangmingshan National Park can achieve sustainable development!