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September 2018

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Wisdom of Neighboring Countries - Northeast Asia National Park Management Seminar

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Hallasan National Park, South Korea
Hallasan National Park, South Korea/
Source: Creative Commons (,
provided by Korean Culture and Information Service)

Article / Hui-Ying Lui
Information / Provided by Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the interior. National Park Association in Taiwan

Over the past 30 years, the National Parks of Taiwan in the face of evolving social culture at home and abroad and changes in the natural environment, we have continued to adjust our footwork and management strategies to maintain the important core of homeland conservation. Looking back on the initial stage of development of Taiwan’s national parks, we can see that it was closely related to the blueprint for national parks during the Japanese occupation period. Japan’s management of national parks also serves as a reference for East Asian countries. South Korea,also located in the Northeast Asia region, designated their first national park in 1967, which has now accumulated more than half a century of achievements.

These two neighboring countries that Taiwan knows well are already on the path of operating and managing national parks. Because of the similarities and differences in sociocultural characteristics, their experiences may enable us to gain much inspiration.

International Experts lineup

Kenji Kashiwaya—

Honorary Professor, Kanazawa University, Japan Host of the Research Team for Environmental Change in East Asia.

He studied at the Hokkaido University Onuma National Park for many years and is an expert in lake topography.

Tsukamoto Zuiten—

Representative director of National Park Resort Villages of Japan, Kyukamura Hotels Former Investigator of the Environment Department, Japan Ministry of Environment

Sin Yong Seok—

Director of South Korea's Jirisan National Park He served as the director of the National Park Research Was once instituted at the Korean Ministry of Environment and presided over some important decisions for national

Onuma National Park, Japan
Onuma National Park, Japan/
Source: Creative Commons (
Onuma_Park_Nanae_Hokkaido_Japan04s3.jpg, Photographed by 663highland)
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