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September 2018

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The Warmth of Palms from under the Feet - Nature Infused Handcrafted Trails

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Hehuan Peak North Trail. Related protection and maintenance is conducted
through the effort of volunteers. / Provided by Taroko National Park Headquarters


Interviewee / Ming-Chou Hsu, Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters Hung-Yu Yen, Taroko National Park Headquarters Chih-Hsiung Yang, Trail Volunteer, Taroko National Park Headquarters Wen-Li Peng, Guanwu Station, Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters
Article / Chen Liu
Photo / Provided by Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters Taroko National Park Headquarters Guanwu Station, Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters

In the midst of green plants and singing of birds, as our feet followed the winding road, for a moment we thought there was no longer any distance between ourselves and nature. We also felt that our light footsteps would not disturb any living beings perching in this area. However, in 1921 Benton MacKaye from the United States real-ized that this seemingly quiet and safe trail had not only shaken the entire habitat at the time of construction, which threatened the survival of the original living animals and plants, excess cement and metal had also overpowered the land leaving it with scars that were impossible to heal.

Therefore, Benton MacKaye and others with similar mindsets decided to replace equipment with their own hands. They decided to resolve the overconsumption of re-sources using symbiotic wisdom. They spent 16 years on the Appalachian Mountain to collect materials for construction in order to minimize the disturbances to the environment. Finally, they created the first national-level long trail in the United States. This led to the beginning of the concept of “hand-made trails.”


Benton MacKay and volunteers used their hands to create the firstnational long trail
in the United States, which is the origin of the concept of hand-made trails.
/ Source: Creative Commons(
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