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September 2018

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Submerging, Voyages, and Valiant Cruising - Park Rangers–the Protectors of the sea

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A park ranger observes marine activities from the shore

Interviewee / Mao-Ching Hsu, Director of the Conservation Research Section of Kenting National Park Headquarters; Tian-Ting Tseng, Director of the Environmental Maintenance Section; and Jung-Hsiang Chen, Park Ranger; Chung-Tso Chang, Director of the Dongji Workstation of Marine National Park Headquarters

Article / Wei-Hong Chen
Photo / Provided by the Kenting National Park Headquarters

《 Walking with the Sea 》

In my memory, on the days when I looked at the sea,
there were sunny, rainy, hot, and cold days, and those that whispered to the tide.
The sound of wave after wave, accompanied by the golden glare of the sunrise;
Wave after wave, accompanied by drops of rain in the air;
Wave after wave, accompanied by starry nights after sunset.
Accompanied by the sea, it is like a reflection in a mirror.
It is silent and reflects your state of mind. Only you know whether it is pleased or sad.

Marine inspections and underwater recording operations
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