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The NPH continually recruits professionals with expertise in ecological conservation, ecological education and ecological landscape stewardship to implement resource conservation programs of national parks. The organization and respective functions of the headquarters are as follows:

Planning and Management Section: Responsible for the implementation and evaluation of the National Park Plan, the acquisition and coordination of land and the interpretation of relevant laws and regulations.

Maintenance of Environment Section: Responsible for the planning, design and maintenance of park facilities, including resource protection, transportation, administration, recreation, safety and security, and historical site restoration.

Recreation and Service Section: Responsible for visitor management, recreational planning, environmental maintenance, and tourism programs.

Conservation Research Section: Responsible for the survey and documentation of natural and cultural resources in national parks and the establishment of conservation and restoration policies.

Interpretation and Education Section: Responsible for visitor center exhibitions, interpretation services, booklet production, promotion of ecological conservation and environmental education.

The establishment of national parks is of the highest level of national land use policy. Under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior (MOI), which operates and manages these parks in the spirit of “on-site protection”, national parks are trusted to promote ecological conservation, interpretation/education, service and recreation through environmental education and conservation programs.