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Enrollment of the 2017 KTNP Youth Camp: End of the Road-Arcadia of Formosan Sika Deer-New Way with Nature Formosan sika deer education camp begins!



The 2017 KTNP Youth Camp will be held at the Sheding Formosan Sika Deer Restoration Area during August 12-13, 2017. Activities will include in search of Formosan sika deers, transformation to nature, me the tracer, and tracing the deer—assembling my deer and night observation to environmental education with the environmental characteristics of the restoration area. Activities will start from the end of the road to enter the living environment of Formosan sika deer (Cervus nippon taiouanus) and learn about the life pattern for symbiosis and co-existence with the Formosan sika deer. By stimulating learners to consider how to change their way of living and practice it, the event aims to encourage learners to value and cherish the land and ecology of Taiwan.

The event has only one session. Citizens aged 20-24 are welcome to join us. There are only 25 vacancies. The fee is NT$500 per person. We only accept online enrollment until vacancies last.