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Let Music Dance Through Wuling Valley

On Sunday the 5th of August at 10am, the renowned Chin-Ai String Orchestra will be performing at the Kyawan Musical Festival at Wuling Farm's Lion Garden in what promises to be a jubilant and spirited summer music concert. The Kyawan Musical Festival is a summer concert located in the mountains that’s jointly organized by the Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters, the Wuling Farm Veteran Affairs Council, and the Wuling Hoya Resort Hotel.

The Chin-Ai String Orchestra is an aboriginal orchestra hailing from Chin-Ai Village in Nantou County's Ren'ai Township. In addition to performing at the concert, they will also be putting on a performance with students from the local Pingdeng Elementary School.

The performance will also be screened live on the, Wuling Farm, and Wuling Hoya Resort Facebook pages, allowing anyone to join in the experience of beautiful aboriginal music and the sounds and scenery of Shei-Pa National Park.

Let Music Dance Through Wuling Valley. A total of four pictures.
Let Music Dance Through Wuling Valley