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“Swinhoe Monkey Exploration Camp” by Shoushan National Nature Park welcomes you to explore the Formosan rock macaque—little witty king of Shoushan



Shoushan National Nature Park will organize the “Swinhoe Monkey Exploration Camp” during July 8-9, 2017 for fourth to seventh graders to understand the Formosan rock macaque (Macaca cyclopis) during this two-night camp and explore the problems between people and monkeys in Shoushan. There will only be 31 vacancies, and the admission fee is NT$2,300/person.

At the camp, environmental education professionals will take students to learn the behavior and observe the ecology of the Formosan rock macaque and survey and produce the “the Formosan Rock Macaque Food Map” to understand the natural food sources of wild Formosan rock macaques. The camp will also design various activities for students to understand the Formosan rock macaque and the need to maintain co-existence and co-prosperity with their forest habitats through activities and games. We welcome all to join the camp to enjoy this two-day intellectual ecotour.