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“Island and Breath” Ocean Exhibition begins at Taijiang National Park

Time:11 Sep 2016-30 Nov 2016

Organizer: Taijiang National Park Headquarters

Place: Visitor Center, Taijiang National Park

The “Island and Breath” exhibition invites Marine National Park Headquarters to supply photographic works and environmental education materials on marine ecology for citizens to explore the beauty of oceans and the vitality of Formosa.

At the exhibition, visitors can discover the beauty of the lagoon, seagrass, and coral reef of Dongshan Island and its ecological composition and enjoy an excursion of the four islands in southern Penghu, where there are precious coral reef ecology, magnificent geological landscapes, endemic fauna and flora, and the unique cultural landscape: terrace-like sheltered farming.

On September 11, Taijiang National Park Headquarters will invite ecologist Dr. Ming-hsiu Cheng, who aggressively promotes Taiwan’s marine biodiversity research and conservation, to give a speech in order to help citizens explore the beauty of island and marine ecology of Taiwan and thereby call the public to care for ecology.