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Taijiang Black-faced Spoonbills viewing Season invites to you “re-“witness black-faced spoonbill

Time:01 Oct 2016-31 Mar 2017

Organizer: Taijiang National Park Headquarters

Place: Taijiang National Park Headquarters

When autumn winds blow, migratory birds fly south with the northeastern monsoon to pass the winter in Taiwan. With extensive wetlands and rich ecological resources, Taijiang National Park has become a paradise for many waterfowl to transit over and pass the winter. During the migratory bird season, we meet the black-faced spoonbill every year. In order to see them again every year, we need to cherish and protect wildlife, plants, and the natural and living environments around us.

To promote the ecological conservation and environmental education missions of national parks, Taijiang National Park Headquarters organizes the six-month “Taijiang HAPPY Festival” every year in a lively, interesting, and edutaining manner during the migratory bird season (October to March every year). The festival has five major activities: “Tour Taijiang”, “Life Taijiang”, “Bike Taijiang”, “DIY Taijiang”, and “Speech Taijiang”.