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Cool and low-carbon power-free water leisure for summer



Rivers, tidal creeks, and waterways crisscross inside Taijiang National Park (TJNP) with a large estuary and lagoons. Altogether they contribute to the diversity of river morphology and wetland landscapes in the park. Therefore, TJNP is the best site to promote power-less water leisure, ecotourism, and environmental education.

During July 22-23, 2017, Taijiang National Park Headquarters (TJNPH) will organize the “2017 TJNP Water Leisure Activity” for citizens to experience power-free and pollution-free water vehicles (canoes, stand up paddle boarding (SUP), etc.). Through this activity, TJNP hopes to blend ecotourism and environmental education with the daily life of citizens in order to disseminate the need for wetland conservation.

TJNPH welcomes all who love nature, ecology, and outdoor activities to join the activity. Enrollment is available on-site until vacancies last.