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“Mountains in Taroko” Photography Exhibition

Time: September 3-November 25, 2016
Organizer: Taroko National Park Headquarters
Place:Exhibition Room, Basement, Taroko Service Center.

Gorges are the world famous landscape of Taroko National Park and the important factor nourishing the park’s rich and unique natural and cultural ecology. Leaning from the ridge in the west toward the east, mountains in the park are towering. Mountains over 2,000m in elevation cover half of the park, and one sixth of them are even 3,000m tall. Therefore, 27 mountains in the park are amongst the “Top 100 Mountains” in Taiwan. Mt. Qingshui, Mt. Hehuan, Mt. Qilai, Mt. Nanhu, and Central Range Point are amongst the most famous and have always been the favorites of mountaineers and ecology scientists. For the public to visually experience the magnificence and diversity of these mountains, Taroko National Park Headquarters has organized the “Mountains in Taroko” Photography Exhibition in the exhibition room on the basement of the Taroko Visitors’ Center during September 3 to November 25. There are 30 photographic works on mountains in Taroko. If you are interested in these mountains, please do not hesitate to visit us.