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Visiting Grandpa Volcano: Reservation for the Environmental Education Courses of Yangmingshan has Started!


Starting from today, we welcome you to make a reservation for the courses provided by Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters this year (2017).

The environmental education courses of Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters will lead citizens to get intimate with nature, visit Grandpa Volcano and experience the charms of Yangmingshan. Yangmingshan National Park is the only national park in Taiwan known for its volcanic landscapes. Therefore, the abundant volcanic remains and active post-volcanic actions have made the park a classroom on volcanoes. Rich ecological resources can also be seen in the park. For example, relict plants such as Trochodendron aralioides and Dipteris conjugata Reinw. that could only be found at intermediate altitude regions can now be seen at Yangmingshan due to lowering effects. Given that Yangmingshan is near the Greater Taipei Region, it is the best location for field trips and recreational events held by organizations.

The environmental education courses offered this time are free of charge. Schools and groups that have made reservation must prepare their own transportation, lunch, a partial of the venue fare, and cover their own insurance. The courses are only available for middle & upper grade elementary school students, junior high school students, senior high school students, teachers, government institutions and civil organizations that constitute at least 20 participants.