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2017 Tianxiyuan Firefly Appreciation Event at Yangmingshan National Park has Begun

In May, Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters will hold three echelons of “2017 Tianxiyuan Firefly Appreciation Event at Yangmingshan National Park”. Besides arranging guides to explore the interesting world of insects along with the visitors, the abundant ecosystem in the park is the greatest classroom on Mother Nature. Visit Tianxiyuan and besides enjoying the baptism of greens, you can also encounter all kinds of animals and plants in their natural environment. Are you interested? Please come and enter the pleasant world of Tianxiyuan together with us.

This event will be held in three echelons on May 6th, 7th and 13th, 2017. All citizens who are interested in Mother Nature may apply. The admission fee is NT$800 per person, which includes dinner, insurance, transportation and others. Citizens who are interested can look up event related information on the website of Yangmingshan National Park Headquarters and the application system will be available starting from 10:00 AM Apr. 11th, 2017.