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Interesting Shueili The Environment Education DIY Event of Yushan National Park has Started!


Starting from 2017, Yushan National Park is holding two DIY events of “Magnetic Bear” and “Encountering Monkeys at the Corner” at Shueili Visitor Center. We welcome visitors to take part in these events.

“Magnetic Bear” is an event that leads people to understand the current situation and difficulties on the conservation of Formosan black bear. By making magnets with the image of black bear on their own, it expects to plant the seed of conservation in the participants’ hearts.

“Encountering Monkeys at the Corner” will first let participants watch a 30-minute digital material on Formosan rock macaques and then let them make their own business card holder or memo binder in order to promote ideas regarding the conservation of Formosan rock macaques!

It will charge participants with a NT$100 for each event. The events are conducted on a fixed schedule and are can be applied for online. We also accept group reservations by phone. The class will be opened if there are more than 10 applicants per class and each class can take no more than 30 applicants. For further information, please contact the event organizer, Ms. Wu (049-2348242).