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“Legend of the Taai People, Spirit, Nature” 2 minute version English

Shei-Pa National Park is a region of magnificent mountains and creek valleys, where there are rich natural and human cultural resources. In particular, the Saisiyat indigenous tribe is a special feature of the place under the Park’s administration.

The Saisiyat are a Taiwan aboriginal group with a relatively small population. In 2006, the Shei-pa National Park Headquarters signed a formal partner contract with the Saisiyat people of Wufeng Township, Hsinchu County at the Legislative Yuan. Over the decade, it has paid continuous attention to the tribe and offered assistance in the preservation and recording of their culture. The content of this film is a recording of Saisyat’s most important ceremony, “Pas-ta’ai”, or “Ritual to the Short People.”

Songs and dances are important elements of the ritual, which lasts a total of 4 days and 3 nights, from welcoming the spirits to feasting the spirits and sending the spirits off. All parts of the ritual involve singing and dancing. The film includes a full documentary of Saisiyat’s once-every-10-years grand ceremony in 2016, as well as the tribal seniors’ and Saisiyat people’s precious dictation with moving words and contents that strongly tie and bind the hearts of the tribal people together, while aiding the preservation and promotion of the Saisiyat culture.