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The Hehuan Mountains

This is a documentary introducing Taiwan's high mountain ecology. It is filmed at the Hehuan Mountain area within the vicinity of Taroko National Park, between the altitudes of 1800 to 3600 meters. The Central Cross-Island Highway is the only highway in Taiwan that runs through alpine ecosystems. The highest point of the highway is at Wuling, at an altitude of 3,275 meters. Look northward, and you can see the Zhongyangjian Mountain and Nanhu Mountain. Cross over the Zhuoshui River, and you meet the rolling peaks of Qilai Mountains. To the south, the Central Mountain Range comes into sight over the broad horizon. On a sunny day, the Yushan Peaks can be seen clearly in the backdrop.

The Hehuan Mountain Peaks have an average altitude of 3,600 meters. Not only is this area perfect for enjoying nature, it is also the best place to explore the ecosystems of the high mountains.

The film follows the trail of the highway, advancing from the misty forests to the alpine terrains.