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"WildView" National Park Film Festival Begins in Mid-July

The Ministry of the Interior’s Construction and Planning Agency is continuing to publish remarkable videos from the well-known international WildView Film Festival and national parks. To view the films, please sign-up via the official websites of various national parks. The focus of this year's WildView Film Festival is biodiversity. In addition to the efforts that various countries are making to protect biodiversity, the content of the film festival also reveals the issues that the globe is facing, including habitat destruction, species becoming endangered, climate change, environmental pollution, and invasion of foreign species. This reminds us of the urgent need to save earth's ecosystems.

Amongst the films in the WildView National Park Film Festival, “From the Mountain to the Ocean” and “The Shengleng Forest Canopy” have just won the platinum award of the 52nd WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. There is also “Voices From Home”, which won the best picture award at The Accolade in America, as well as “Kinmen Island of Wonder” and “Flourishing Flora - An Ecological Documentary of Kinmen's Plants”, which have just been published in March this year. Additionally, new films such as “A Symphony of Life's Progression and Retreat - An Ecological Film of Wetlands” and “Shimmering Ripples and Turquoise Waves - A Story of Taijiang Inner Sea and the Black Ditch” will continue to be added to the playlist of exhibiting films in September.


WildView National Park Film Festival Begins in Mid-July
"WildView" National Park Film Festival Begins in Mid-July