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National Park Announces 8th Accessible Event Venue

In order to make going into national parks and getting a glimpse of Taiwan’s beautifully unique mountain ranges and waters more convenient for children, senior citizens, and people with limited mobility, the Construction and Planning Agency of the Ministry of the Interior has been actively constructing green and friendly environments for national parks. Friendly facilities and signs are provided specifically for venues, including their entrances/exits, paths, and areas for use. These places are also announced by the Ministry of the Interior as accessible venues for all groups of people to use.

It was announced on July 25, 2019 that, at Kenting National Park, a 90-meter trail was laid out to connect to the viewing platform on the 2nd floor of the visitor center. It gives a view of the blue ocean at South Bay. Also, a 150-meter trail was setup to provide direct access to Kenting’s widest and cleanest beach, which also has the softest and finest sand. A wooden platform is also set up at the beach for recreation and sightseeing.

The Construction and Planning Agency states that improvements and constructions of accessible environments will continue to take place in national parks. The blueprint for the network of national parks' accessible environments will be constructed to let more people with limited mobility, and family members of all ages to go into national parks.


National Park Announces 8th Accessible Event Venue:Kenting National Park South Bay,four pictures

National Park Announces 8th Accessible Event Venue:
Kenting National Park South Bay