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Construction and Planning Agency Advises Yushan National Park Headquarters to Strictly Prohibit the Burning of Joss Paper or Release of Animals

Recently, the media reported that a tourist witnessed religious groups performing religious rites on the banks of Tianchi Lake when he visited Tianchi some days ago. Some of the activities include the burning of incense and joss paper, and they were also suspected of pouring unknown substances into the water. This behavior has violated “Yushan National Park Prohibitions” Item 6: “It is prohibited to set off firecrackers, fireworks, burn joss paper, or set up altars and sacrificial facilities”; Item 8: “It is prohibited to... make a fire... without approval”; and Item 12: “It is prohibited to release animals or abandon animals”. Violators can be punished with a fine of up to NT$3,000 in accordance with Article 26 of the “National Park Law”.

The section between Meishankou and Tianchi on the Southern Cross-Island Highway has been closed for more than ten years, and it was finally opened to traffic on January 13th, 2020. Not only would the burning of joss paper cause air pollution and other environmental pollution issues, it may also result in public safety concerns as it could cause forest fires. In addition, the release of animals will affect the local ecological environment and may result in invasion of alien species. We look forward to working together with the public to maintain the precious national park resources and to preserve Mother Nature!