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Paying Tribute to the Ocean! Ministry of the Interior Promotes 3 Main Cleaning Measures to Protect Taiwan's Coastlines

Following "Tribute to the Mountains", the government has launched "Tribute to the Ocean" with the intention of extending management over every inch of Taiwan’s coasts and thoroughly carry out maintenance and cleaning.

The coastlines within the perimeters of coastal national (nature) parks, including Kenting, Taroko, Kinmen, South Penghu Islands, Taijiang, and Shoushan, stretch for 179.3 kilometers accumulatively. Cleaning and maintenance jobs have been coordinated by the Construction and Planning Agency. Each National Park Headquarters are to follow three different cleaning frequency schedules depending on each national park's characteristics. The schedules include: "regular cleaning"–routine and regular environmental maintenance; "immediate cleaning"–incentive mechanisms are incorporated to encourage cleaning; "emergency cleaning"–clean up seasonal waste with open contracts to maintain coastal environments.

The Ministry of the Interior stressed that maintaining clean coasts requires everyone's efforts. In addition to refraining from littering when engaging in recreational activities at the beach, people can notify the managing authority to execute measures if they discover a mess at any time. Let us protect the beautiful coasts of Taiwan together.