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Mountain-Moon Bridge of Taroko National Park Declared Accessible Recreational Venue by Ministry of the Interior

The Construction and Planning Agency has been actively creating eco-friendly, approachable environments in national parks, strengthening public support for an aging society, and creating suitable services for visitors of all ages. The Mountain-Moon Bridge was declared by the Ministry of the Interior as an accessible recreational venue for public use on October 16, 2020.

The total length is around 675 meters. The Mountain-Moon Bridge is 196 meters long, 2.5 meters wide, and stretches around 152 meters above the valley. The suspension bridge has the longest span and the largest drop from the valley in the Taroko National Park. The entire route is an accessible walkway that crosses the Liwu Valley from the lower tableland of Buluowan to the opposite side. Superb views can be enjoyed from the bridge overlooking the Liwu Valley; to the west is Taroko Gorge's Swallow Grotto, and to the east, the Buluowan terrace.

To visit the Mountain-Moon Bridge, please remember to first make a booking on the Taroko National Park website!

The Construction and Planning Agency will continue to look for potential recreation areas with the possibility of creating an accessible space, as well as improve current accessibility and set up friendly tourism routes.

Mountain-Moon Bridge of Taroko National Park,two pictures.
Mountain-Moon Bridge of Taroko National Park.