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Three Additional Accessible Attractions in National Parks Announced

The Construction and Planning Agency has been actively promoting the accessible environment plan to construct access-friendly and green routes to make it easier for seniors, people with limited mobility, and children to visit national parks and experience the beautifully unique landscapes of Taiwan. There are now 15 accessible recreational venues, totaling about 12.6 kilometers.

The opening of “the Tataka Recreational Accessible Trail” in the Yushan National Park was announced on December 23, 2020. The trail is around 433 meters long; its natural vegetation that varies according to the elevation and the diverse changes in the forest’s environment offers visitors a rich and rewarding experience.

On the same day, the opening of the “Longpan Park Accessible Trail” in the Kenting National Park was also announced. This trail is around 162 meters long and is connected to a seafront viewing platform. In it, visitors can find landscapes of crumbling cliffs, sinkholes, and limestone caves. Visitors will enjoy the sight of the winding coast and steep crumbling cliffs.

The opening of the “Wuling Recreational Accessible Trail” in the Shei-Pa National Park was announced on February 17, 2021. This trail is around 990 meters long and is located in an alpine area, where clouds and mist often surround the valley. The trail starts from Peach Blossom Cottage and connects the Wuling Visitor Center, Formosan Landlocked Salmon Ecology Center, and Guest House of Chiang Kai-shek.


The Tataka Recreational Accessible Trail,two pictures.
The Tataka Recreational Accessible Trail
Longpan Park Accessible Trail,two pictures.
Longpan Park Accessible Trail
Wuling Recreational Accessible Trail,two pictures.
Wuling Recreational Accessible Trail