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National Park Visitor Control Measures Extended to 7/12 in Response to the Extension of the National Epidemic Alert Level 3

The Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior, has extended the epidemic prevention and control measures for National Parks’ recreation sites and mountain cabins:

1. The various National Park Headquarters will close all indoor recreation sites, mountain cabins, ecological protection areas, and outdoor recreation sites with single-entry points.

2. For open-air outdoor recreation sites, visitors must wear masks at all times, maintain proper social distancing, and suspend gatherings with more than ten people. In addition, to prevent the spread of the pandemic, touristic hotspots have been closed, including all beaches in Kenting; pavilions and tea stations in Shoushan; Taroko’s Wuling Observation Platform, Changchun Shrine, and Swallow Grotto; the Main Peak of Hehuan Mountain, Shimen Mountain, Hehuan North Peak and West Peak, and Pingfeng Mountain; and the trails and hotspots in the Tataka and Walami Trails of Yushan National Park. The parking lots in Yangmingshan National Park and in the Tataka area of Yushan National Park will also be closed. The parking lots in other National Parks have been reduced to 40% of their original capacity, and will continue to be adjusted depending on the actual situation.