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Maintaining Level 2 Alert—Ministry of the Interior: National Park Ecological Protection Areas Will Open with Some Conditions

The Executive Yuan has announced that the national epidemic alert will remain at level 2.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, ecological protection areas in National Parks will reopen from August 10, but mountain cabins will still remain closed. Visitor control measures will be implemented by the respective National Park Headquarters for designated campgrounds for multi-day routes or single-day round-trip routes. Except for family members who will be allowed to stay together at the campgrounds, the use of tents will be based on the principle of one person per tent. Meals should be taken in shifts to reduce crowding and prevent the risk of infection. All visitors are required to wear masks at all times, maintain social distancing, and enhance personal hygiene and disinfection measures. If you have symptoms such as fever, respiratory discomfort, or severe cough, please cancel your visit to the park. Parking lots will continue operating at 50% capacity, while relevant control measures will be adjusted on a rolling basis depending on the environmental features of each National Park.

To prevent the risk of crowd infections, the current measures for group gatherings and indoor venues will remain in place, with a maximum of 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors, while crowd control and pandemic prevention regulations will be implemented.