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Grading System for National Park Trails The Public is Urged to Make Full Preparations Before a Hiking Trip

Hiking on the trails of the National Parks is the most direct way to learn about and experience the natural environment and cultural resources of National Parks. The trails are not only a facility that connects the various sites within a National Park, but are also the main medium for connecting individuals to their surroundings.

Based on the characteristics of National Park trails, the Construction and Planning Agency has prioritized the completion of the trail system grading of three alpine-type national parks, namely Yushan, Taroko, and Shei-Pa. Information on the difficulty level of the hiking trail routes that require admission application has been updated on the“Hike Smart Taiwan Service” website. The public is reminded to make preparations according to the different difficulty grades of the trails before entering the mountains, in order to enhance the safety of activities in alpine areas.

Information on the National Park trail grading system, individual and group equipment checklists, and quantitative statistics table on the grading system of alpine-type national parks can be found on the official website of the Construction and Planning Agency website or the National Parks of Taiwan website.

“Hike Smart Taiwan Service” website(
“Hike Smart Taiwan Service” website

Downlode:National park trail classification system
Equipment checklist for individuals and Equipment checklist for groups